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International Conceptual Design Awards

Lütfen gerekli alanları düzgün bir şekilde doldurunuz.

International Conceptual Design Awards

In order to encourage innovative ideas that will guide the industry for future, Design Turkey Conceptual Design Awards evaluate design projects on sectoral basis which have not been scheduled to be produced.

Click here to download the terms and conditions for Design Turkey Awards

Click here to download Conceptual Design Application Guide

Who can Apply?

Design Turkey conceptual projects are open to international applications.

Only the projects that have not been scheduled to be produced can apply for Design Turkey conceptual design awards. Project must have been exhibited, presented or published between the dates of 01.01.2018 - 21.10.2019.

Conceptual Design Awards are open to professional designers, instructors and students. Group applications are also possible. Students, who would like to apply with their projects undertaken as school assignments, can do so only by indicating name of the university and course instructors’ name to show their advisory role during application process, only in case the intellectual property of the project is attained by the student. İn case of student projects, project has to be the applicant’s own original work; the teaching staff assistance or participation in the submission should be on advisory basis.

Projects prepared by jury members, family members of the jury or the companies they work for cannot be nominated for conceptual design awards. In case of detecting such situation, the application will be removed from the award scope.

How to Apply?

Applications for Conceptual Design Awards are made until 21.10.2019 both in Turkish and in English over the internet.

The applications made in Turkish must be translated into English. However, the applications in English are not required to be translated into Turkish.

Applications will be made according to the Design Turkey sector categories.

During application, information about the designer or the design team, information explaining the design concept and digital conceptual design presentation layouts are requested.

Credentials of the designers are requested to be indicated on the application.

Application Dates and Fees for International Conceptual Design Awards

Early Application:09.09.2019 – 23.09.2019
Timely Application Fee: 75 TL

Timely Application:24.09.2019 – 04.10.2019
Timely Application Fee: 100 TL

Late Application: 05.10.2019 - 21.10.2019
Late Application Fee: 125 TL

Evaluation Process for International Conceptual Design Awards

Applications are examined formally by Design Turkey Secretariate; applicants are reminded in case of incomplete application status. Proper applications fulfilling application rules are approved. Evaluation is realized in two fundamental stages. Pre-evaluation and awarding.

Pre-evaluation: In this stage the applications are evaluated over internet taking conditions of award scope and originality criteria into consideration.

Awarding: The owners of those conceptual projects who pass pre-evaluation phase are invited by the organizers to the exhibition which will be held in İstanbul. Awards are given following the assessment by juries composed in sectoral basis. Assessment for conceptual projects is made on presentation boards prior to opening of the exhibition.


All applications, which pass the pre-evaluation phase are displayed in Design Turkey Exhibition*.

After the jury evaluation finalized, on the opening day of the exhibition, award certificates and trophies are given to the designers of those award winning conceptual designs. Together with the exhibition a Conference where academicians and professionals from industrial design field are invited both from Turkey and abroad is realized. The conference is formed of panels and seminars where industrial design is discussed from professional, cultural, educational and economical aspects.

Award winning conceptual designs are exhibited in relation to several design events both in Turkey and abroad.

Design Turkey award winning conceptual designs and their designers are publicized in Design Turkey Award Winning Designs Catalogue.

*Award winning conceptual designs and their designers are published according to the years, sectors and product types on Design Turkey web site.